Formula Drift Irwindale: Piotr Wiecek Wins The Final Round & James Deane Is 2017 Champion

The 2017 Formula Drift Championship is officially wrapped up and in the books.  It was also the end of an era as Round 8 was the last Formula Drift event to ever take place at the famed Irwindale Speedway.

Now, I know I’ve written that sentence before but it looks pretty certain this time.  The track is scheduled for demolition in January, 2018.  I have a lot of feelings about this but I’ll share those in a future post.

For now let me give you a quick rundown of how Round 8 shook out.

Due to his dominance all season, James Deane pretty much had the championship in the bag.  The young Irish driver only had to pull his car up to the line for a bye-run in Top 32 to mathematically seal his championship.

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Deane went one better and threw down a pretty sick run followed by a huge smoky burn-out celebration.

Once that was settled the competitors continued on to fight for the very last Irwindale Speedway victory.  It came down to Dai Yoshihara versus Piotr Wiecek (Deane’s teammate).  The two drivers fought hard but it was Piotr who took the victory.

Newly crowned 2017 Formula Drift Champion James Deane took third.

Thus ended another crazy season of Formula Drift.  It was a bitter sweet ending but I am still just as excited about this series as I was when it started 14 years ago.  Here’s to year 15!


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