An Eagle Flew Over The USGP Because America!

Like many people yesterday, I was watching the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix from the comfort of my home.

While the race was incredibly exciting, especially with the prospect of Lewis Hamilton possibly clenching the championship, something even more interesting happened during lap 48.

As the camera feed cut to an overhead shot of a HAAS F1 car (driven by Kevin Magnussen) taking turn one.  The massive silhouette of an eagle could clearly be seen gliding over the track!

At first I thought I had imagined it so I took to twitter to see if I was crazy or not…

I was relieved to set a few responses confirming that I wasn’t the only one who noticed it.

However, easily the best response came from the official twitter account for the Circuit Of The Americas (COTA)…

Seriously though, the silhouette of an eagle flying over the United States Grand Prix in front of a car from F1’s only American team, HAAS F1.

Does it really get any more American than that?

COTA and myself both agreed that the internet needed to immortalize the moment in gif form.

However, the internet was taking too long so I went ahead and got the ball rolling.  F1, please don’t sue us! (If the .gif doesn’t play just click on it)

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