Codemasters F1 2017 Review: This One Is For The Hardcore

Next to the holidays, one of my favorite times of the year is when Codemasters releases their annual F1 game. So, you can imagine how happy I was when they were nice enough to send me a copy early for review.

Now, I haven’t had the game for that long. Only a few days really so I could not do a real deep dive but I think I played enough to give an informed opinion.

If you want to know how F1 2017 stacks up then please check out our video review below.  Also to get the full effect make sure to click the gear icon on the YouTube video and watch at 1080p 60fps if possible.



If you want the TL;DW summary below are my pros and cons:


  • Incredibly deep gameplay
  • Catered to hardcore F1 fans and hardcore racing game players
  • New game modes are really fun
  • Excellent Physics
  • Classic F1 cars look and sound amazing


  • Graphical glitches need fixing (screen tearing).
  • Needs equal female avatar representation (only 7 of 44 avatars are female).
  • HUD needs improvement (no DRS indicator in cockpit view).
  • MFD System is overly complex to use when playing with a controller.


Pick this game up if you’re an F1 fan who wants the closest thing to a real experience.  However, if you’re more of a casual video game player you may want to avoid this one.

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