Need For Speed Payback Trailer Highlights Customization

When it comes to racing/driving games customization is a pretty big deal, neigh mandatory.  What can set a game a part from the rest however are the depths and variety of its customization features.

Even those who may not have been fans of the previous Need For Speed (NFS) game have to admit its customization was pretty good and even had titles like Forza Motorsport playing a bit of catch up.

Knowing their strength, the team at Ghost Games (development group behind NFS) is looking to expand on their customization system to add more depth than before.

Today EA dropped a video that features a quick dive into the customization features in the upcoming Need For Speed: Payback and it all looks pretty promising.

Watch it for yourself below if you want an idea of just how far you can go when it comes to modding cars in Need For Speed: Payback



I also had the chance to play an early demo of the game at the EA Play event earlier this year and I was lucky enough to talk to one of the creative directors of the game.

You can watch my first impressions of Need For Speed: Payback and the interview below:

Need For Speed: Payback first impressions



Need For Speed: Payback interview


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