COBB Tuning Releases Carbon Fiber Intake And Air Scoop For 2013-2017 Ford Focus ST

Despite the fact that tuning has changed quite a bit since I was in high school, the one thing that remains the same is the fact that one of the first modifications an owner will do to their car is add an aftermarket intake.  Relatively speaking its the easiest, and most inexpensive way to get quick horsepower gains.  For those who chose the 2013-2017 Ford Focus ST as their platform of choice, COBB Tuning has put together a package that is aimed to help your Focus ST breathe easier as well as gain some engine bay style points.

Their limited edition carbon fiber intake and air scoop combo is a slick way to increase air flow and maybe even shave a little weight.  The wider, more free-flowing COBB Tuning carbon fiber intake replaces the OEM turbo piping and as a side-effect, amplifies the turbo spool-up sound in an attempt to make acceleration extra satisfying .  The air scoop on the other hand guides cool air from the front grill to the intake.

COBB Tuning doesn’t mention any specific horsepower numbers when it comes to performance gains so we would suggest contacting them directly to get more information on that before you decide to pull the trigger.

The package can be had for $625; which is on the expensive end when it comes to intakes so we suggest shopping around but only for other high quality brands.  The last thing you want is to go cheap on a turbo’d car because trust us, it can cost you way more later..

Though it should be noted that carbon fiber intake and air scoop are also sold individually for $500 and $175 respectively.  By getting them together in this package you save 50 bucks which is not bad.

For more on the COBB Tuning carbon fiber intake and air scoop package, hit the source link below.  It should be noted though that as of the writing of this post COBB Tuning only had 50 of these packages left in stock so if you do want one, you should probably move fast.


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