Hype Video: See How Fredric Aasbo’s Corolla iM Formula Drift Car Was Built

Just days ago Papadakis Racing and Rockstar Energy Drink shocked a lot of people when they revealed that Formula Drift Champion Fredric Aasbo’s new drift car would be a Corolla iM.  It is definitely unlike any car we’ve seen in Formula Drift’s past and one of the first hatchback drift cars we’ve seen for a very long time.  There is also the fact that the Corolla iM comes from the factory as a front wheel drive car, which is obviously no longer the case in Aasbo’s new drift machine.

You may look at this car and wonder just how Steph Papadakis and his team turned a front wheel drive (FWD) car into a rear wheel drive car (RWD).  The crew at the Speed Academy YouTube channel were wondering that as well so they paid a visit to the Papadakis Racing shop and had Steph himself explain the process along with a few of the many nuances that make Aasbo’s Corolla iM a formidable drift car.

The video is a bit long (about 20 minutes) but if you are really interested in how drift cars are built and custom fabrication, you’ll really enjoy this vid.  Watch it below!

[Source: Speed Academy YouTube channel]

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