Hype: Lamborghini Officially Reveals Huracan Performante

Not too long ago Lamborghini dropped a video showing their new Hurcan Performante smashing the Nurburgring production car lap record.  Whether or not you believe that video, it can’t be denied that it got everyone talking about Lambo’s new take on the Huracan.  Today Lamborghini is taking advantage of the buzz and officially revealing the Huracan Performante before the Geneva Motor Show this week.

In addition to showing us what the car actually looks like without the spy wrap on it, Lamborghini has also released nearly all of its official specifications.  I’ll list all of that in its entirety below but for those who don’t want to spend that much of their lunch break reading specs I’ll brush over the main points of interest.

First thing’s first: the Huracan Performante is about 90lbs lighter than a standard Huracan and its output has been bumped up to 640HP; which makes it the most powerful V10 that Lamborghini has ever produced.  The weight-loss was achieved by using lots of Lamborghini’s new forged carbon composite and the increased engine power is due to some creative tuning by Lamborghini’s engineers.

Handling is improved by a combination of stiffening of certain suspension components and use of what Lamborghini calls “Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva” or ALA for short.  ALA is an active aerodynamics system which is comprised of several flaps and ducts in strategic places on the Performante’s exterior.  The flaps and ducts will adjust depending on driving conditions and throttle position to reduce drag when needed and provide downforce when needed.

At the corners will sit 20 inch forged wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires that were custom made for the Huracan Performante.  If a buyer is still wanting for more grip they can opt for Pirelli Trofeo R street homologated tires.

Finally comes the two most important bits of information: the MSRP and the release date.  Lamborghini has set the starting price of the Huracan Performante at $274,390 (taxes/GST included) before adding any options via Lamborghi’s Ad Personam program.  The first customers will take delivery of their cars in this summer.  Chances are the first allocation is already spoken for but if you have the cash it couldn’t hurt to hit up your local dealer and see if you can put one of these on order.

I am hoping one of you out there does that soon because personally the only way I am going to see one of these cars up close is when some local millionaire buys one and brings it to Cars and Coffee!

To see all the official pictures of the Lamborghini Hurcan Performante check out the gallery below.  The official spec list will be below as well.  After you see it all for yourself let us know what you think of the new Huracan Performante in the comments below or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

Lamborghini Huracan Performante gallery:

Lamborghini Huracan Performante specs:

Hybrid chassis made from aluminum and carbon fiber
Body shell
Outer skin made from aluminum and composite material
Aluminum double-wishbone suspension
Springs and dampers
Steel springs and hydraulic dampers. “MagneRide” electromagnetic damper control available as an option
Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
ESC/ABS characteristics can be adjusted via ANIMA,
ESC can be deactivated
Electromechanical power steering,
optional LDS steering with variable steering ratio
Hydraulic dual-circuit brake system with vacuum brake
servo unit, 6-piston aluminum calipers at the front,
4-piston aluminum calipers at the rear
Brake discs
Carbon-ceramic discs, ventilated and cross-drilled
∅ 380 x 38 mm front, ∅ 356 x 32 mm rear
Tires (standard)
Pirelli P Zero Corsa 245/30 R20 (front) – 305/30 R20 (rear)
Wheels (standard)
8.5J x 20” (front) – 11J x 20” (rear)
Electrically controlled exterior mirrors
Full Size dual-stage front airbags.
Full size lateral airbags. Knee airbags in specific markets.
Ten-cylinder V, 90°, IDS+MPI dual injection
5204 cm3 (317.57 cu in)
Bore / stroke
Ø 84,5 mm x 92,8 mm (3.33 x 3.65 in)
Valve control
Intake and exhaust camshafts with
continually variable adjustment
12.7 : 1
Max. power
470 kW / 640 hp at 8,000 rpm
Max. torque
600 Nm (442 lb. ft.) at 6,500 rpm
Emissions class
EURO 6 – LEV 3
Exhaust treatment
Two catalysts with lambda regulation
Cooling system
Water and oil cooling systems
Engine Management
Bosch MED 17 Master Slave
Dry sump
Electronically controlled all-wheel drive system
(Haldex Gen. V) with rear mechanical self-locking differential
7-speed LDF dual-clutch transmission, shift characteristics variable via ANIMA
Double plate clutch ∅ 187 mm (7.36 in)
Top Speed
> 325 km/h
0–100 km/h
2.9 s
0–200 km/h
8.9 s
Braking (100-0 km/h)
31 m
2,620 mm (103.15 in)
4,506 mm (177.4 in)
1,924 mm (75.75 in)
(incl. exterior mirrors)
2,236 mm (88.03 in)
1,165 mm (45.87 in)
Track front
1,668 mm (65.67 in)
Track rear
1,620 mm (63.78 in)
Turning circle
11.5 m
Weight (dry)
1,382 kg (3,047 lb)
2.16 kg/hp (4.76 lb/CV)
Weight Distribution
43 % (front) – 57 % (rear)
83 liters
100 liters
19.6 l/100 km
10.3 l/100 km
13.7 l/100 km
CO2 emissions
314 g/km
** according to Dir. EC 715/2007
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