SEMA 2016: Of Course There Is A Liberty Walk McLaren 650S

There is a small but dedicated group of builders out there that are absolutely committed to Liberty Walking all the things and I for one salute their noble efforts.  It seems that every year at SEMA caution is thrown to the wind and another high-dollar car gets the full Liberty Walk treatment and the internet at large gazes in astonishment, shock, and awe.  This year it was a McLaren 650S that was dawned with the tell-tale riveted wide fenders.

If a six figure European supercar with a Japanese widebody kit wasn’t already eye catching enough, the McLaren was then wrapped in a metallic burgundy vinyl wrap.  Yes, metallic burgundy!  One would think by now this type of thing would be getting old but it is still pretty awesome to me and believe me when I tell you no one is more surprised by that than myself!

The idea of cutting up such an expensive, highly respected, supercar is ludicrous yet that is also what makes it so cool.  The combination of complete ridiculousness and utter indifference to the opinions of others is what makes up the special sauce that makes these builds so cool.  Even if you hate the way they look, in the end the balls it takes to do it kind of earns your respect.

sema2016_libertywalkmclaren650s_1 sema2016_libertywalkmclaren650s_3 sema2016_libertywalkmclaren650s_4 sema2016_libertywalkmclaren650s_6

Though in this case I do like the end result.  I think it all comes together pretty nicely.  Would I do something like this myself if I had the cash for it?  Maybe if I already had a spare McLaren parked next to my primary Ferrari, parked next to my back-up Porsche.  You get the point.

What do you think of the Liberty Walk McLaren?  Would you do it if you had the means?  Sound off in the comments below or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.  In the meantime click the thumbnails for HD resolution shots from Rex Torres!

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