Hype: Vaughn Gittin Jr And His Mustang Assault An F1 Track In “Forever Drift” (VIDEO)

The best thing about drifting is how it looks.  Sure, there are endless technical nuances that make drifting what it is but at its core its all about the excitement of witnessing a car take a turn at high speed while full on sideways and making massive plumes of tire smoke.  That is why Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s new video “Forever Drift” is so appealing.  There is no pretense, no scripting, just 90 seconds of Vaughn and his RTR drift Ford Mustang going full attack mode on turns 2, 3, and 4 of the F1 race track Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.  If you want to know why that’s impressive bare in mind that turn 3 at this course is 1,600 feet alone!  By connecting turns 3 and 4 he effectively completes a 3,200 foot drift! Turn up your speakers and watch it below!

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