Hype Video: Michael Bay Built A Car Made Specifically To Flip Over Other Cars Because Michael Bay

Say what you what about Michael Bay’s movies, the one thing that can’t be denied is that the man loves to put three things in all his movies: explosions, gun fights, and car crashes.  To help with that last item on the list Bay had a special vehicle made that he is using on the set of Transformers The Last Knight.

Dubbed “The Bay Buster” the vehicle looks like a truck cab fitted with a spider web’s worth of exterior tubular armor with a giant wedge on the front.  The wedge is the special part because that is what the Bay Buster uses to literally plow through cars flipping them off to either side of the vehicle.

Even though it might be silly to build a car specifically for this purpose, I imagine on the set of a Transformers movie the Bay Buster is going to get a lot of use.  Unfortunately, once Transformers The Last Knight is released in theaters audiences won’t actually see the Bay Buster as it will be digitally masked out.  However, you can see a quick video of it in action below!  Check it out!

[Source: Cinemablend.com]

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