Hype Video: Vin Diesel Fights Jason Statham With Lightsabers In Star Wars/Furious 7 Mash-Up

Remember that silly-yet awesome fight scene at the end of Furious 7 between Vin Diesel and Jason Statham?  The one where they were wielding pieces of fender and giant wrenches like swords?  It was hilariously over the top but still fun to watch right?  Well, what if instead of random pieces of metal the two action stars were street racing Jedi (or in Statham’s case a Sith) going at it with lightsabers?

Well thanks to some talented special effects artists at ImmersionVFX we get to see what that would look and sound like!  They pulled this off beautifully!  If Vin Diesel doesn’t get cast in a Star Wars movie after this I will be just a bit disappointed.  Anyway, this video is pretty freakin’ awesome so I’m going to stop typing now so you can scroll below and watch it for yourself!

Furious 7 – Star Wars VFX Mash-Up

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