Hype Event: Stancenation x Showoff Nisei Edition Gallery (Part 1)

Its the second half of August.  You know what that means? …Nisei Week Showoff!  Yes, one of my favorite shows of the year happened over the weekend so you can bet that I made the trip out to Little Tokyo to take in the festivities.  Despite being around for over 20 years Ken Miyoshi makes sure that Showoff still maintains the same vibe its always had, even with some new facets added by his partnership with Stancenation.  There was definitely more cars this year than the last as the event practically filled an entire four floor parking structure.  As always the quality of the cars on hand was pretty high.  It also wasn’t just limited to JDM offerings either.  Domestics and Euros were well represented at the event and it was refreshing to see!  Anyhow, I’m going to go ahead and stop typing now so you can scroll down and enjoy the first part of our full gallery.  Stay tuned for part 2!

Stancenation x Showoff: Nisei Edition Gallery 1:

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