Hype: Acura’s Precision Concept Teased For Concours d’Elegance Debut

This weekend some of the richest car collectors in the world are hanging out in Northern California for the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.  This is always a pretty interesting time of year because its when OEMs reveal their latest and greatest super luxury and/or high performance offerings.  The Concours d’Elegance is also an event that likes to celebrate the automobile as art.  As such, its not uncommon to see lots of concept cars on display as well.  That brings us to what you see here.

The angular vehicle you see above is the Acura Precision Concept and it will make its official debut on the Concours lawn this Sunday.  The Acura Precision Concept is meant to demonstrate Acura’s “Precision Crafted Performance brand DNA”.  Basically, its Acura’s way of telling the wealthy Concours clientele “Hey look at us!  We’re good at luxury too! Not just zee Germans!”

Even though Acura has only officially released one photo, its easy to see that their design team were really going for “sleek yet angular” here.  There are no pictures of the interior but Acura suggests that the seats were inspired by “modern lounge furniture” and that the speaker grills (yes, the speaker grills) are made from “exotic wood”.   Double entendres aside, I think that may offer a pretty interesting look.  I can’t wait for Acura to release more pics of this concept, though that probably won’t happen until Sunday.   When they do release more photos I’ll update this post so stay tuned.  For now you can click the thumbnail below for an HD resolution sized shot of the concept and for more info there is an official press release below as well.

Acura Precision Concept

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Press Release:

TORRANCE, Calif. – The Acura Precision Concept has been chosen as one of the featured models on the Concept Lawn at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on Sunday, August 21. Developed by the Acura Design Studio in California as a dynamic expression of Acura’s ‘Precision Crafted Performance’ brand DNA, the Acura Precision Concept – with its supercar-like stance, performance-minded proportions and alluring design details – points the way toward a bolder, more distinctive future for Acura design. The Acura Precision Concept also showcases the Acura’s new diamond pentagon grille, which was rapidly applied to the redesigned 2017 Acura MDX.

“We’re proud to have the Acura Precision Concept featured among the most prestigious vehicles in the world at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance,” said Jon Ikeda, vice president and general manager of the Acura Division.  “More than a concept, the Acura Precision Concept is the blueprint for Acura’s future styling direction and manifests our commitment to delivering Precision Crafted Performance in every element of the Acura experience.”

The Acura Precision Concept’s crouched and athletic stance is further emphasized by its deeply sculpted side surfaces pouring over swelling rear wheel arches covering 22-inch wheels and tires. The forward-looking concept also features signature lighting designs – in front with its Jewel Constellation LED headlights composed of organically arranged fractal elements, and in back with floating LED taillights.

A key design theme, dubbed “quantum continuum,” is seen in the seamless transition of materials and structure from the exterior to the interior of the vehicle, which is further highlighted by the absence of a b-pillar. The large door rocker panel flows into the interior side sill, transitioning into a cantilever for the floating rear seats. The rear center high-mounted stoplight becomes an architecture element piercing the rear glass and then flowing down to help form the structure for the metal airfoil shape of the rear headrests.

The elegant and powerful exterior is matched by its dramatic interior design, where cantilevered surfaces meet with striking tones, expressive surfacing and modern detailing. Of particular note are the double-layered instrument panel, the high-contrast front seat surfaces, the ultra-thin “floating” rear seats, evoking the look of modern lounge furniture, and the hand-crafted audio speaker grilles made of exotic wood.

The driver’s space is highlighted by a compact, race-inspired, sports steering wheel with paddle shifters and Integrated Dynamics System (IDS) controls, a floating center meter, a driver’s head-up display, a cantilevered center stack and an ultra-wide, thin and curved center display screen.

New Acura HMI Concept
The Acura Precision Concept also explores a new approach for Acura’s digital human-machine interface (HMI), enabling a more intuitive, advanced and seamless connection between man and machine. The ultra-wide and curved center screen is operated by a floating touch pad suspended on the cantilevered center stack. Upon entry, the system scans each occupant and selects personalized features and functions, including maps, audio and customized vehicle performance settings.

Acura Precision Concept Dimensions

Width 84 inches
Length 204 inches
Height 52 inches
Wheelbase 122 inches
Wheels/Tires – 5-spoke machined wheels
– 22-inch Michelin Pilot Super Sport Summer Tire

About the Acura Precision Concept
The Acura Precision Concept was created to explore new and challenging ideas for future Acura design, particularly Acura sedans. The concept was created by Acura’s California Design Studio under the direction of Acura global creative director, Dave Marek. The exterior design was led by Michelle Christensen, principal exterior designer, with the interior design created under the leadership of John Norman, principal interior designer.  Both Christensen and Norman also played a key role in the creation of the next-generation Acura NSX supercar.

For More Information
Additional media information including high-resolution photography is available at acuranews.com/channels/acura-automobiles. Consumer information is available at www.acura.com. To join the Acura community on Facebook, visit www.facebook.com/Acura.

About Acura
Acura is a leading automotive luxury nameplate that delivers Precision Crafted Performance, an original approach to technology and design that creates a new driving experience. On March 27, 2016, Acura celebrated the 30th anniversary of its launch as the first luxury nameplate from a Japanese automaker.

The Acura lineup features five distinctive models – the RLX luxury flagship sedan, the TLX performance luxury sedan, the ILX sport sedan, the 5-passenger RDX luxury crossover SUV, and the seven-passenger Acura MDX, America’s all-time best-selling three-row luxury SUV. This spring, Acura launched its next-generation, electrified NSX supercar as a new and pinnacle expression of Acura Precision Crafted Performance.

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