Hype: WekFest Long Beach! (Full Gallery)

I know I wasn’t on social media much over the Memorial Day weekend but that was simply because I was incredibly busy.  However I did make it out to WekFest on Saturday despite having been at Bimmerfest earlier that same day (look for my coverage of that on Super Street’s website).  As usual WekFest was pretty stacked with high end builds and lots of variety.  Everything from vintage JDM to VIP to Muscle Cars to even crazy resto-mods like an old school Mercedes with a Toyota 2JZ engine!  There was definitely a lot to take in and it all looked great with the ocean and the Queen Mary in the background.  Despite the fact that I was half dead I still had a great time shooting the event.  The only downside was that due to the layout some of the best cars were covered in dust all day and then there’s the vapes…dear god the vapes.  I also smelled the burning of a certain happy plant on more than one occasion but hey, I don’t judge.  Maybe they had a card for it?  Glaucoma is serious people!

Anyway, overall the show was a nice experience and if you haven’t been to a WekFest event I would recommend going to one at least once if you can just to see how you like it.  For more info on WekFest shows visit WekFest-USA.com.  Check the gallery below!

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