Event Hype: Toyota Fest 2016 Gallery

We’re a bit late with this but we wanted to bring you our official gallery from Toyota Fest 2016 which took place right in our back yard here in Long Beach.  Toyota Fest is definitely one of our favorite shows of the year and its not just because its close by.  Toyota fanatics come from all over the country (and sometimes even other countries) to celebrate their love for Toyota, Lexus, and Scion (RIP) in the shadow of the Queen Mary cruise ship.  As usual the most interesting thing about Toyota Fest to me is the mix of vintage and modern (sometimes a literal mix) all in one space.  I never get over seeing a wide body Lexus RC-F and then turning around to see a pristine restored Toyota 2000GT.  That’s just freakin’ cool!

I’ll step out of the way now so you can check out all of our shots from Toyota Fest 2016.  We may ad a few more shots in the near future too so stay tuned!


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