Hype Event: XS Car Night 2.0 In Long Beach, CA

XS World the group behind XS Mag (a popular car magazine from Europe) is coming back to Long Beach, California this year for their second XS Car Night, a free-to-attend car meet at Shoreline Park.  Seeing how its basically in our backyard I checked it out last year and it had a great mix of European and a few non-Euro cars in attendance.  My only gripe is that its pretty damn hard to find good parking so if you’re going to go (which I think you should) I would recommend going early.  This year a few of the RWB Porsches are guaranteed to come out as well as a few cars sponsored by Rotiform.  This is all on top of the tons of clean VWs, Audis, and BMWs that will be hard parked on the grass over looking the Pacific Ocean.

XS Car Night is February 27th (next Saturday) and starts at 4pm .  For more info just click the source link at the bottom of this post.

[Source: XS-Edition.de]

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