Hype Video: Jay Ward & Pixar Are Doing Their Part To Keep Kids Interested In Cars


You may have seen our recent post all about the re-fresh of the Petersen Automotive Museum in downtown Los Angeles.  Part of that re-fresh is a brand new interactive exhibit called the “Pixar Mechanical Institute” in which characters from the popular Pixar “Cars” films help educate kids and adults about how cars work and how they’re built.  While at the media opening of the Petersen I had the chance to sit down with Jay Ward who has the official title of “Guardian” of all things “Cars” for Pixar Animation.  He gave some insight behind his role at Pixar and what the Pixar Mechanical Institute means to him and what it could mean when it comes to keeping kids interested in cars.  He makes some great points and oozes his passion for automobiles.  Check out the interview below!

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