Hype Rumor: Is MoTeC Actually Going to Make A “System Exhaust”?!

Let’s face it, all us “cool kids” like to pretend we didn’t like the first Fast & Furious film but we actually love it.  Heck if you hate it you even love to hate it!  No matter what side of the fence you fall on its hard to the deny that the easiest way to get a bunch of people laughing at a car show is to throw out some quotes from the film.  There are gems like “I live my life a quarter-mile at a time” or “too soon junior!“, and “granny shifting not double clutching like you should.”  However, some of the favorites have to be the technically inaccurate bits like “tune the NOS timing, you’ll run nines” but I think by far one of the favorites was a line spoken by the late, great Paul Walker.

In the famous scene Walker’s character Brian was running down Race Wars competitor Hector’s spec list of various Honda parts then famously finished off with a “MoTeC system exhaust“.  While that wouldn’t mean much to most people, to car folk it was hilarious as we knew that MoTeC makes advanced ECUs.  MoTeC definitely does not make exhaust systems.  …Or do they? Hmm?

OK, allow me to explain.  We were scanning our Instagram feed and we saw a post from MoTEC showcasing their mil-spec connector.  Being the opportunistic jerks we are, we saw an opportunity to once again drop the famous quote asking MoTeC when we will see a “system exhaust” and then added the hashtag #YouMustBeTiredOfThatJoke

Then something surprising happened.  MoTeC responded and were good sports about the joke.  However that wasn’t the surprising part.  MoTeC went on to say “we just might shock the world in the near future with a release we are working on related to that.”

Bwahhhh?!?! How freakin’ meta would that be??  MoTeC being inspired to actually make an exhaust because of the inaccurate system exhaust quote!? Mind blown!

Although it should be noted that this is far from any kind of official confirmation and for all we know they could have just been trolling us back for making the Fast & Furious joke.  Either way, this little exchange shows just how awesome MoTeC is and that despite being a big company that makes some of the most advanced components for purpose built race cars and military, they still have a sense of humor.


If you want to see the exchange for yourself we’ve embedded the Instagram post below just click on it to see the comments.  If you want to save a click, just hit the thumbnail above for a screen shot.  What do you think?  Is MoTeC really going to make an exhaust related product? Or are they pulling our leg? Let us know what you think in the comments or you can tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.  Better yet, leave a comment on MoTeC’s Instagram post!

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