Video Game Hype: New Teaser Image From New Need For Speed Game Released. Could RWB Be Featured?


Earlier today a teaser image from the upcoming Need For Speed game was released on the official Need For Speed twitter account.  The image is a lower driver side rear wheel view of a green car which appears to be a green RWB wide body Porsche judging by the quarter panel and exposed rivets equipped with a color matched mesh wheel wrapped in a SPEEDHUTNERS bombed tire.  In case you didn’t know EA games actually owns the popular SpeedHunters website and has in the past used the website to promote Need For Speed games, which is why its strangely odd that this image was not posted on the SpeedHunters website as well.

Anyhow, the fact that this image is clearly of a modified car and not a high dollar stock car lends to rumors that the next Need For Speed game may be “Need For Speed Underground 3”.  I would be willing to lean in that direction myself.  Again as I mentioned before the car in the image appears to be an RWB Porsche which would be the first time an RWB car was featured in a video game.  I have wanted to see RWB Porsche’s in video games for a long time but with EA still being the sole Porsche license holder I’ve had to wait until they decided to pull the trigger.  It looks like that time might be now.


We should get a full reveal and more details about the game tomorrow when the game is officially announced and there will likely be more information still at the E3 expo this year.  I’ll continue to update the site with all the new details!

For now click the thumbnail for a HD resolution version of the teaser image to see if you can dig out any new clues or Easter eggs that may reveal more information.

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