Hype Video: Clash Production Creates A Beautiful Edit Of Race Cars Tackling LeMans


It can be argued that the 24 Hours Of Le Mans is the greatest race in existence.  It would be hard to argue that point indeed when one considers that Le Mans has a huge field of cutting edge race cars being pushed to their limits for an entire day on one of the largest and most beautiful race tracks in the world.  One of my favorite things about Le Mans is that since there are so many teams involved, there are many stories to be told.  From the small low budget teams who struggled just to make it to the event to the big teams who have to maintain their status among the world’s best, each has their tale of strife and triumph to tell.

One of the best at telling those stores is ClashProduction.  Anyone that has been visiting this site for the last few years knows how much of a fan I am of Clash’s work.  They are brilliant at turning motorsport events into full-on cinematic experiences.  The team at ClashProduction are also pretty big fans of Le Mans and have recently created a new edit of last year’s race to get everyone excited for this year’s race coming in June.  I highly recommend taking 3 minutes and 39 seconds to watch this cut below!

The Ultimate Race from Stephane B on Vimeo.

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