Hype Event: Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach x Formula Drift Round 1 Media Day (Video)


Yesterday, I took a quick trip to downtown Long Beach to hang out with some celebrities and see a bunch of bright shiny new drift cars.  It was all a part of the annual pre event media day that the Long Beach Grand Prix Association and Formula Drift teams up to produce every year in which hundreds of members of the media are invited out to meet the drivers for the Toyota Pro Celebrity Race, Formula Drift drivers, and even go on a few ride longs around the streets of Long Beach.

ToyotaProCelebrity_FDLB_MediaDay2015_1 ToyotaProCelebrity_FDLB_MediaDay2015_4 ToyotaProCelebrity_FDLB_MediaDay2015_6 ToyotaProCelebrity_FDLB_MediaDay2015_9 ToyotaProCelebrity_FDLB_MediaDay2015_13

As usual I had a great time and also had a chance to shoot some of the newest drift cars that we will all get to see this weekend at Formula Drift round one in addition to the Toyota Pro Celebrity Scion FR-S’ being ripped around by their drivers.  For, those who don’t know, the Toyota Pro Celebrity race has been going on for the last 38 years and besides providing some hilarious race track entertainment, it also benefits charity.  The Toyota Pro Celebrity Race has raised millions of dollars for children’s hospitals in Long Beach and Orange County.  One of the biggest buzzes of the day was around Tanner Foust and his return to Formula Drift and public debut of his new 900HP V8 powered VW Passat drift car.  You’ll see pictures of that in this post (just click the thumbnails) and in the full gallery on our Facebook page.  OMGDrift also had a chance to go for a ride along with Tanner and filmed the whole thing with a cool GoPro rig.  You can watch that video below.  Stay tuned to the site for more as we lead up to the first round of Formula Drift on the streets of Long Beach this weekend.

The Toyota Pro Celebrity Race will take place the weekend after (April 18th 2015) as part of the Toyota Grand Prix Of Long Beach Weekend.  Stay tuned for coverage of that as well!

ToyotaProCelebrity_FDLB_MediaDay2015_20 ToyotaProCelebrity_FDLB_MediaDay2015_23 ToyotaProCelebrity_FDLB_MediaDay2015_38 ToyotaProCelebrity_FDLB_MediaDay2015_40 ToyotaProCelebrity_FDLB_MediaDay2015_41

OMGDrift Tanner Foust ride along video:

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