Hype News: Jeremy Clarkson May Be Fired From Top Gear Tomorrow


In a bit of late breaking news, a report just came from Telegraph UK stating that the BBC may fire embattled Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson tomorrow (3-25-15) over his “fracas” with a Top Gear show producer.  This all stems from an incident a few weeks ago in which Clarkson was suspended from the show after he allegedly had a physical altercation with Oisin Tymon, a long time producer for the BBC’s most watched television show.  According to the Telegraph report, the Top Gear crew was staying at a hotel and Clarkson became angry when Tymon informed Clarkson that he couldn’t have any “steak and chips” for dinner because the hotel had stopped serving hot food.  Enraged, Clarkson apparently cursed Tymon out then launched a “30 second physical assault” on the producer.  Was someone standing there with a stop watch?  Who knows?!

Anyhow a week after it happened the news reached the top brass at the BBC who already had a sharp eye on Clarkson after getting in trouble for possibly saying a racial slur.  The BBC decided to suspend Clarkson from the show pending an investigation.  It was later decided that the final Top Gear episodes of this season would not air.  In a show of solidarity Richard Hammond and James May said they would not do the show without Clarkson.  The whole incident gave rise to a huge fan campaign to “Bring Back Clarkson” which even resulted in a tank rolling up to BBC headquarters with a petition signed by thousands of Top Gear fans demanding the BBC gave Clarkson his job back.

Although according to this Telegraph report it looks as if the pleas of fans have fallen on deaf ears and the Lord Hall (seriously that’s his name, not making it up) the Director General of the BBC is expected to announce that Clarkson will be let go from Top Gear.  The report also states that there are rumors that the BBC is actively attempting to court famous Brit and radio host Chris Evans to take Clarkson’s place.  Despite gaining his fame as a radio host, Evans is known to be an avid “petrol head” and has the UK’s biggest collection of Ferraris.  Although, Evans has publicly stated that he is not interested in the gig.

It seems pretty strange that the BBC would look for a replacement for Clarkson despite the fact that Hammond and May both refuse to do the show without their long time colleague.  Would the BBC replace all three hosts?  Is it still “Top Gear” without Hammond, May, and Clarkson?  Will Clarkson start his own show elsewhere and leave BBC to twist in the wind?  I guess we all have to wait and see…

What do you think about this situation?  Is the BBC crazy for firing Clarkson? Or would they be even more crazy to keep an allegedly volatile, violent individual in their employ?  Would you watch Top Gear without Clarkson?  Let us know in the comments or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype

[Source: Telegraph.co.uk, Autoblog.com]
[Image: TopGear.com/uk]

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