SEMA 2014: John Pangilinan Turns The New Hyundai Sonata Into A Canvas For Street Art


For the last few years now John Pangilinan has been Hyundai’s go to guy when they want a SEMA build to really turn heads and get attention.  It could be said that taking on that kind of task with a car like a Genesis Coupe or Veloster is relatively easy.  However this year Hyundai wants to highlight their new Sonata so that was the platform they handed over to John to work his magic on.  To some a Sonata, even a new one, might seem a bit vanilla when it comes to a base platform.  But, in stock form the Sonata is actually pretty nice looking and can be had with decent performance.  John’s real challenge was what direction he would go with the new sedan.  It was when he was struggling with that question that he was hit with a spark of inspiration as he visited an art exhibit in Hawaii.

SEMA2014_JohnP_HyundaiSonata_1 SEMA2014_JohnP_HyundaiSonata_2 SEMA2014_JohnP_HyundaiSonata_3 SEMA2014_JohnP_HyundaiSonata_4

John decided that he was still going to apply some of his signature style to the Sonata but leave much of it as a canvas for an artist to fill with their imagination.  Hence, the white color.  But first John was going to put his twist on it which is why it has his signature fender flares, which were applied with help from LT Motorwerks.  John partnered with his buddy and famed automotive illustrator Jon Sibal to come up with a custom lip kit for the Sonata which was also produced by the team at LT Motorwerks.  John had the Sonata dropped on a set of Progress springs and bolted on a set of RAYS Engineering Gram Lights 57Getter wheels with Toyo Proxes tires.  The interior features Recaro seats, a full Alpine audio system and a suite of additional audio components from Scosche.

SEMA2014_JohnP_HyundaiSonata_5 SEMA2014_JohnP_HyundaiSonata_6 SEMA2014_JohnP_HyundaiSonata_7

Where the art comes in is when you take a close look at the trunk spoiler and see that it is covered in a custom vinyl wrap designed by artist Mr. 44.  There are a few other places where viewers will see hints of Mr. 44’s artwork as well like the hood.  It is subtle now but the plan is to hand the car over to Mr. 44 for a full artists treatment and then debut the design at the next “Agenda” show which is a convention for street fashion and art.  I am looking forward to see the further artistic evolution of this build but as it is now, its still a pretty fresh looking sedan!  To get a better look just click on any of the thumbnails in this post.  For more details check out the official spec sheet below.


JP Edition 2015 Hyundai Sonata Spec Sheet:


  • AEM Cold Air Intake
  • MagnaFlow Exhaust
  • Bisimoto Hot Charge Pipe


  • Progress Sport Springs
  • RAYS Gram Lights 57Getter Wheels
    • 19 x 9.5-in. Front
    • 19 x 10.5-in. Rear
  • Toyo Tires Proxes R888
    • 245/40 R19 Front
    • 295/35 R19 Rear


  • Custom Widebody and Lip Kit by LTMW
  • Custom Vinyl Art by Mr. 44
  • The Retrofit Source and Retrofit House Custom JP Edition Headlights with VLEDs


  • RECARO Cross Sportster Seats
  • Bisimoto Custom-Fabricated Seat Brackets
  • Katzkin Re-Upholstery Leather Seats
  • Alpine Electronics System built by BP Autosound
    1. iLX-007 CarPlay Car Stereo
    2. PDR-F50 4/3/2 Channel Digital Amplifier
    3. PDR-M65 Mono Digital Amplifier
    4. SWS-10D4 10-in. Subwoofer
    5. SPS-610 6 ½-in. Coaxial 2-Way Speaker Set
    6. SPS-610C 6 ½-in. Component 2-Way Speaker System
  • Scosche Electronics
    1. Accumat Hyperflex Sound Damping
    2. EFX Elite Series Braided Multi-Core Interconnects
    3. EFX Speaker Wire
    4. EFX Amp Power Kit
    5. EFX Ground Distribution Block
  • V-LEDs Lighting


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