Hype Video: Latest “Need For Speed” Movie Behind The Scenes Shows Off Serious Camera Cars


The whole purpose of a movie is to immerse its audience into its story so much that they might even suspend disbelief and completely buy in to what they are seeing on screen.  In instances of car chase scenes its easy to forget just how it is we (the audience) are able to get so close to action as two vehicles chase each other at high speeds through crazy city scapes or other environments.  The truth is, none of those crazy action shots are possible without a third or fourth car outfitted with thousands of dollars in rigging and cameras to follow and film the chase.

In the case of the upcoming Need For Speed movie which I have admittedly had my reservations about, it does seem like they are really going above and beyond when it comes to how they film all the race scenes.  The team behind the film have built some seriously fast chase vehicles to catch all the action.  How crazy? It ranges from supercharged Mustangs to repurposed GT Ferraris!  You can take a look at it all below in a new behind the scenes video.

I have to admit, even though I am not too jazzed about the movie’s story (the trailer did little to help), the more I see how far the production is going to produce the stunts and racing scenes the more excited I get to actually fork over 20 bucks to watch it!

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