Hype Art: EAT SLEEP RACE Limited Edition Canvas Prints Illustrate Tuning As A Weapon


The guys from EAT SLEEP RACE are trying to add some culture to our lives with a few extremely limited edition prints of some of their latest artwork.  The first, dubbed “shootout” seamlessly combines the aesthetics of a turbocharger with that of an old school revolver while the second portrays spark plugs as ammunition.  Both pieces are pretty provocative but visually pleasing at the same time.  I’d totally rock both of these on my wall.  There is only one problem: they are only printing 12 of each!  Yes, only 12! If you want one you better move quick!  You can order the prints online right now for $29.99 each and once they are sold out they will not be reproduced! Just click the source link below to go straight to the EAT SLEEP RACE store to buy one.

[Source: EATSLEEPRACE.com]

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