2013 LA Auto Show: Lotus Creates A Workaround To Exige Ownership With Two Words: Track Car


Lotus is known for making some of the purest sports cars in the world.  In fact their cars are so pure that Lotus practically invented the track day purist with their Elise and Exige cars.  Unfortunately, the new Exige can no longer be had as a road car in the American market anymore.  However, no one said they couldn’t be owned as track cars so that’s exactly what Lotus has done.

LAAutoShow2013_274 LAAutoShow2013_275 LAAutoShow2013_277 LAAutoShow2013_276 LAAutoShow2013_278

To ease the pain of its absence and to make enthusiasts nationwide happy Lotus will sell the Exige V6 Cup track-only car in the states.  Anyone looking for a serious track-day weapon would be more than happy with what the Exige Cup has to offer; which starts with 345 horsepower supercharged V6 engine similar to what is normally found in the Evora.  However, the Exige weighs significantly less than the Evora which leads to significantly more speed and fun on the straights and corners.  It also comes with all the extra bits needed for a proper track car such as roll cage and fire extinguishing system.  It all makes for what promises to be a very connected driving experience.  Sure, it can’t be driven on public roads but hey at least it can be driven!

LAAutoShow2013_272 LAAutoShow2013_270

Despite the Exige’s track-only designation Lotus still needs to sell us something we CAN drive on public roads.  To fill that need they brought over too fresh Evora coupes.  One of which features the new “Black Package” which is a plethora of external and internal goodies.

Granted, there was not any info on new cars coming down the pipe, but we do know they are coming…eventually.  However it was nice to know that Lotus is still providing pure to form driving machines for the masses.  Hopefully I will have a chance to bring you my take on the new Evora in the near future.  For now feel free to check out the pictures from their LA Auto Show by clicking the thumbnails in this post.

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