SEMA 2013: Honda Brings The Boost To Their Booth


Ever since Honda started to visit SEMA in an “official” way many H-heads out there have been hoping that Honda would finally offer a factory version of what they have already been doing for years: boost.  This year it looks like fan boys finally got their wish, kind of.  The big news at the Honda booth was the announcement of an HPD (Honda Performance Development) Supercharger kit…for the CRZ.

SEMA2013_HondaBooth_16 SEMA2013_HondaBooth_17 SEMA2013_HondaBooth_18

While that is great news for CRZ owners/lovers it is no secret that the CRZ has had mixed reactions from the rest of the Honda community; which could be why HPD decided to make the CRZ the target for this kit.  See some complained that the CRZ didn’t have the performance to make it as fun as Honda said it would be.  However with this this kit based on licensed centrifugal supercharger tech from Oscar Jackson Racing pushes the output of the CRZ to a healthy 187HP at only 6,500RPMs.  More than enough to put more zip in the CRZ’s step.  For those Honda fans who are un-fans of the CRZ I offer this consolation: if this HPD supercharger kit works out then there is a possibility that HPD may offer kits for other cars like the Civic Si in the future!

SEMA2013_HondaBooth_8 SEMA2013_HondaBooth_9 SEMA2013_HondaBooth_10 SEMA2013_HondaBooth_11

Continuing the boosted theme Honda also brought out the amazing 1,029HP 2014 Odyssey van built by Bisimoto engineering.  This thing was bonkers!  Not only did it have a ridiculously massive intercooler out front but the van was absolutely slammed and stance’d on some massive Fifteen52 wheels.  This is one soccer-mom-mobile I would totally drive

SEMA2013_HondaBooth_7 SEMA2013_HondaBooth_4 SEMA2013_HondaBooth_12 SEMA2013_HondaBooth_2 SEMA2013_HondaBooth_3

Apart from the CRZ and the bonkers Odyssey Honda also brought out a few trick Si’s as well as what appeared to be a turn-key Civic Si race car complete with cage and race cluster.  All in all the Honda booth was a pretty satisfying experience, especially those who have sworn allegiance to the big H!



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