Wheel Wednesday: Fatlace x AME F/ZERO2 Collab Brings AME Design Back From The Past

As you may have read in the JCCS coverage, the trend of restoring old school JDM rides is here to stay.  Visionary leader of fashion brand Fatlace, Mark Arcenal saw this coming a long time ago and began working with Japanese wheel company AME to try and bring back some of their past designs.  The result of their collab is the new F/ZERO line, including the F/ZERO 02 which brings back two old school AME wheels but with modern fitments.

The wheels made their public debut at the JCCS show and are now available for pre-order.  At only about $800 a set I predict these wheels will be a hot ticket Christmas item!

[Source: Fatlace.com]

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