Gaming Hype: Xbox One Steering Wheels Revealed. Xbox 360 Wheel Compatibility Addressed. (Video)

Its official.  In a video recently released by Microsoft its confirmed that the first racing wheels for the new Xbox One console will be from Thrustmaster and Mad Catz.  The Thrustmaster wheel was already widely known since it was used to demo Forza Motorsport 5 at E3 this year.  However the Mad Catz wheel is a bit out of left field.  Typically Mad Catz was not known for being “high end” in the past but their new wheel for the Xbox One seems to be on par with the $500 wheels that we are used to seeing from the likes of Fanatec and Logitec.  Mad Catz’ wheel will also have interchangeable wheel rims similar to the Fanatec clubsport.

There is some bad news though.  If you are one of those people hoping that their $300-$600 Xbox 360 wheels would work on the new Xbox One then this would be the time to raise your fists to the air and yell “Noooooooo!” as it was confirmed that Xbox 360 wheels will not work on Xbox One.  Time to start saving those pennies for a new rig.

To hear all the details about the new Xbox One steering wheels watch the video below.

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