Event Hype: Japanese Classic Car Show 2013 (Coverage)

Even though we may get older and our tastes change, we never really lose our soft spot for the cars that we loved growing up.  And if you’re my age some of those cars are now thought of as “classics”.  Its beautiful and sad all at the same time! But I digress… This past weekend was the annual Japanese Classic Car Show (JCCS) in the shadow of the Queen Mary here in Long Beach.  I have been going to this event off and on for the last few years this event has seen tremendous growth.  Heck, I got to the show less than an hour after it opened and the massive parking lot was nearly full!

I was astonished to see how many people showed up so early.  Although, really I shouldn’t have been surprised.  Its no secret that the JCCS is the country’s biggest gathering of vintage J-cars.  This event was proof that the rise of vintage JDM love is not just a fad.  In fact, this was the 9th year of the JCCS since its start which just shy of a pretty big milestone.  Only the legit events last as long as JCCS has.  Further evidence is the increasing participation of the OEMs in this show.  Yes, OEMs!  It started with Toyota but this year Mazda and Honda have joined in on the fun!


In fact, Honda brought out a few gems from their museum, including the original 1984 CR-X Mugen prototype test vehicle!  Mazda brought two of their 4 rotor LeMans race cars as well as a pair of 2014 Mazda3s.  Toyota provided plenty of vintage eye candy including a few 2000GT’s and mint condition Land Cruisers.  Maybe for the 10th anniversary Nissan will get involved?  There were plenty of privately owned classic Skylines on hand. Actually, there were plenty of privately owned beautiful classic cars on hand.  Rows and rows of mint condition gems that would make anyone with a pulse stop and look at least for a little while.


If at all possible, plan ahead of time and make the trip out to Long Beach for the 10th annual JCCS show!  If you love cars you will not be disappointed!  In the meantime, if you missed this year’s show we have a Facebook gallery of nearly 200 pictures to enjoy!

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