Hype Movie: Project 24H DU MANS By Clashproduction Highlights Beauty In Motorsport

Normally when I do posts about Clashproduction videos the title has “Hype Video” in front of it.  Astute readers will notice that “Hype Movie” has taken its place.  Why? Because this time Clashproduction went above and beyond by shooting an hour long feature-length film!

Given its duration you probably won’t be able to watch this at work but if you do find time I highly recommend watching this film.  Dubbed “24H DU MANS” this film is all about the GULF Racing Middle East team’s struggle at last year’s famed 24 hour race.  Using their signature film style Clashproduction is with the GULF Racing Middle East team through all the ups and downs of their quest to finish one of the most grueling races in motorsports.

Even if you are not into endurance racing, this film is shot so beautifully it is bound to pull you in.  So, if you have the time I suggest you scroll down, enjoy the film, and then thank me later!

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