Hype Event: Stance:Nation x Nisei Showoff (Gallery)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Nisei week Showoff is one of my favorite shows of the year!  I always look forward to heading out to Little Tokyo, Los Angeles and checking out the cream of the “fit & finish” set.  This year I got even more than I had hoped for thanks in big part to Ken Miyoshi (of Mainstream Productions/Showoff) partnering up with the team from Stance:Nation.


The two groups came together and turned Little Tokyo into a beacon of all things JDM, Euro, and even modern Domestic.  In all my years of attending the event I had never seen it so stacked with high quality cars. 

I am going to make a confession: usually when I go to events like this I don’t photograph every car.  I often skip cars that I personally don’t think are interesting enough for the gallery.  However, this time I skipped nearly nothing!  And of the cars I did skip, it wasn’t because they were uninteresting, it was because they were cars that I see a little too often.  Either way, I was hard pressed to come across a car that did not impress me on some level.


Heck, within minutes of arriving at the event I came across not one, not two, but THREE Liberty Walk-clad BMWs!  Those of you following us on instagram (@MotorworldHype) know how giddy I was with everything I saw there.

There is no easy way to say it: if you did not go this year you missed out, big time!  Sorry to rub it in but damn this show was quality.  Although, I am not without compassion.  As you may have noticed there are several thumbnails in this post for you to click and enjoy, but if you really want to ruin your productivity for the next hour or so, I recommend you visit the Facebook gallery with 200 pictures!  Also, stay tuned to our Instagram (again @MotorworldHype) as I will be throwing up more pics from the show here and there.

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