Hype Collab: Cusco x Bride Seats Are Two JDM Birds With One Stone

Collaborations happen a lot more often than they used to.  In fact, its so common that its hard to be impressed by them anymore.  EXCEPT, when its a collab between two brands which make awesome stuff that people actually care about.  This is one of those rare instances people!  Cusco and Bride have come together for a line of seats!  Ok this actually happened a while back but I fell off a little on my seat game.  Forgive me!  Anyhow if you weren’t aware before, now you are!  Granted the seats are subtle but that is kind of why people like Bride seats in the first place.  They look good without being over the top. 

If you are interested in a “Cusco Edition” Bride seat they are available at Evasive Motorsports and range from about $750 up to a little over $1,600 depending on the seat model and the materials chosen.  To get a quick look at the four seats in the line just click the thumbnail below.

[Source: EvasiveMotorsports.com]

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