Hype: McLaren P1 Is Official Forza Motorsport 5 Cover Car. Ride Along At Goodwood To Be Contest Prize.

The Forza 5 news just keeps on coming.  First was the announcement that Forza Motorsport 5 will be a launch title for the new Xbox One console.  Now comes news from Turn 10 Studios that the McLaren P1 will be the official cover car for Forza 5 and the game will somewhat correlate to the real McLaren P1’s release date.

To celebrate the occasion Forza and McLaren have partnered up for a contest in which a lucky individual will win a trip to the Goodwood Festival Of Speed where they will have the ride along of a lifetime in the P1!  The second place winner gets a trip to McLaren’s Technology Center and the third place winner gets an “exclusive McLaren prize pack”.

To enter the contest, contestants must sign up on McLaren’s Facebook page and then use a special app to decipher the location in which the two McLarens were racing each other in the official trailer (which can be seen in my previous post).  Of the correct answers a winner will be chosen at random.

I wonder if journalists are allowed to enter?  Oh well, good luck to all of you!

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