Hype Event: Eibach Meet 2013 (Gallery)

Wow, it seems like just yesterday that I made the trip out to Lake Elsinore to visit a fleet of fresh Hondas at the 2013 Eibach meet.  Wait, actually it wasn’t yesterday it was just a few hours ago…  Yes, that fast and I already have my pictures up.  Why?  Because its Sunday afternoon and I am a very boring individual.  Actually, its partly because my gallery is somewhat modest (150 pictures) compared to what I know will be galleries of thousands of shots from other outlets.


As far as my impressions of the meet?  Well I should start off with a disclaimer that the last time I went to the Eibach meet, it was actually at Eibach’s facility.  For a while now the meet has gotten so big that organizers have been forced to find larger venues.  This year they visited the Storm Stadium in Lake Elsinore.  While the location was scenic, it was also incredibly hot!  As well as at least an hour away from most of the people who would visit.  I’d love it if they moved it to some where closer and cooler (temp. wise) but part of the fun is the exodus to get out there right?


The quality of cars was not quite the way I remember it but, well trends are different now and with the economy the way it is there aren’t many who have the money or patience to pay a premium and wait 3 months for those JDM parts.  I commend those who still do that despite the economic climate but it seems like the Honda scene is now more about creative without breaking the bank and that in and of itself makes for some pretty fresh rides.

I wasn’t able to capture everything but I figured I would just give you a taste of what was there.  Click on the thumbnails for teaser shots then hit the red text for our Facebook gallery. If you want more just stay tuned to your usual internet haunts and I’m sure many more galleries will pop up.  For now, enjoy!

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