Gaming Hype: Playseat To Bring F1 Seating Position To Living Rooms With “Grand Prix” Sim Racing Chassis

At last year’s E3 Playseat revealed that their coveted Red Bull Racing branded F1 sim-racing chassis would be coming to the US market.  While that was great news it was salted a bit with the additional news that it would come with a $1,999 price tag which pretty much put it in the “out of reach” realm for most of us.

However, Playseat recently announced on their Facebook page that a new seat (very similar to the Red Bull unit) will be coming to and on May 1st.  The new seat, dubbed the “Grand Prix” has a similar design and seating position as the Red Bull rig but minus the branding and hard shell for the seat itself.  There may be other differences as well but so far all the details have not been made public.  Playseat does say that the Grand Prix will cost less than its Red Bull Racing branded brother but as far as how much less remains a mystery.

Given that the non-branded shell edition of the F1 seat retails for $1,799, I would make a guess that the new “softer” version may likely come in between $1,000 and $1,200.  Those prices are just speculation on my part though.  I guess we will not know for sure until the Grand Prix is released next Wednesday (May 1st 2013).

For a closer look just click the thumbnail below for a large picture.

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