Hype Movie: Indy Car Partners With DreamWorks Animation For “Turbo” Film

Imagine, if you will the team behind movies such as Ice Age, Madagascar, and Kung Fu Panda decided to make a film about Indy Car.  Now, imagine that film stars…a snail!  If “oh god” was your reaction then I ask you to withhold judgment for a moment.  Despite the silly premise, I think after you watch the trailers you may change your mind about what DreamWorks has cooked up with their movie “Turbo“.

The film centers around a snail named Turbo (get it?) who loves speed and daydreams of racing.  The only problem is that well, he’s a freaking snail!  His speedy dreams seem pretty far out of reach until a freak accident turns him into the fastest gastropod on the planet.  With his new found ability Turbo sets his sights on the Indy 500 and hilarity ensues.

To DreamWorks’ credit they have actually worked with the Indy Car series to make Turbo and even brought on Dario Franchitti as an advisor.  There are even current Indy Car chassis in the movie.  I also wouldn’t be surprised if a few Indy Car drivers make cameos in the flick as well.  However, to the non-race fans  out there the selling point is the voice cast that includes names like Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, Snoop Dogg, and Ken Jeong.  Personally, I think Turbo has some real potential but you can come to your own conclusion by watching the two trailers below.

Trailer #1:

Trailer #2:

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