Movie Hype: Michael Keaton Joins Cast Of Need For Speed Movie

A while back I caught wind of the upcoming Need For Speed movie by DreamWorks.  I was understandably skeptical about what the result will be.  However a glimmer of hope was shone upon the film today as it was announced that Michael Keaton will be joining the cast as a “reclusive, eccentric host of an underground supercar race”.  Why does this give me hope?  Because Michael Keaton is freaking awesome that’s why!  This dude is the only guy other than Christan Bale to play Batman more than once.  Also, remember Beetlejuice? And Mr. Mom?  This guy rocks!

Anyhow, along with this announcement came with details about the plot, which sounds very similar to the plot in Need For Speed: The Run.  The story goes that a young street racer partners with some arrogant rich guy.  Only, the rich guy frames the young street racer for a crime and the kid ends up going to prison.  After he does his time he is looking for revenge on the guy who framed him by joining the aforementioned underground race (maybe to get money so he can stick it to his betrayer?).  Anyway when the racer’s former partner learns of this he puts a bounty on the racer’s head which brings all the crazies out of the woodwork who attempt to take the hero of the story out at every turn along the cross country race.

If that sounds a little convoluted to you I will break it down this way: Think Cannonball Run mixed with Fast & The Furious with a little Redline thrown in.  You can see now why I thought this would be a recipe for disaster but with the addition of Keaton I have some hope.

Although I guess I have a little more fear too.  This flick better not tarnish the reputation of Michael Keaton! The man is a national treasure! Also hes BATMAN!  You guys at DreamWorks better do this right!

[Source: HollywoodReporter via G4TV]

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