Hype News: Ken Block Turns “Monster World Rally Team” Into “Hoonigan Racing Division” Debuts New HQ & Car Livery

They say that the best creative people are always reinventing themselves.  Despite producing things that might be loved by millions, the creators are always thinking about doing something new.  Ken Block is one such individual.  The popular rally driver who helped give a whole new meaning to “gymkhana” had easily one of the most flashy presences in WRC or in GRC.  His bright white, black, and bright green “paint drip” livery was always the easiest car to spot at any event.   However, despite his livery being a favorite among fans, the design was about two years old and Mr. Block wanted a change.  Not just in livery but for the whole “look” of his brand.

As such he has re-launched his team.  Starting with the team name it has now changed from the “Monster World Rally Team” to “Hoonigan Racing Division” giving top billing to his Hoonigan clothing line over Monster Energy Drink (which still remains a sponsor).  Ken has also revealed an all new team HQ near his home in Park City, Utah which features state of the art facilities despite being constructed mostly from recycled shipping containers.  Block wanted to use shipping containers as a way to be not only environmentally friendly but to keep everything completely modular and somewhat portable.  If Ken ever had to move locations, he could literally put his HQ on the back of a semi-truck and drive it away then set it up again somewhere else.  Pretty cool huh?

Obviously, the new headquarters is not the only part of the re-launch.  Ken has completely re-done the liveries on both his Gymkhana car and his GRC/WRC car.  Replacing the dominant “Monster Energy green” color is a bright blue color.  Also, instead of the “paint drip” look there is an all new scheme inspired by 90’s skateboard graphics.  All together, it looks like Ken Block will remain the favorite car to look at for the 2013 season.  If you want to see more pics and learn more about the team relaunch just visit HooniganRacing.com

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