Hype Preview: Vorsteiner “Renazzo V” Tuning Program For Lamborghini Gallardo LP

Little by little Vorsteiner is venturing out from their usual German nameplate tuning into other regions of Europe like the UK with their Bentley packages and Italy, starting with Ferrari and now continuing with a full tuning program for 2009+ Lamborghini Gallardo LP models.  The new program named “Renazzo V” completely transforms the Gallardo into a full-on carbon fiber switch blade, adding several new angles and edges to increase its aggressive look and save weight.  The aero package has at least nine total pieces to help better channel air and add downforce while keeping weight gain minimal.  The package is finished off with a set of aluminum forged Vorsteiner wheels.

Right now the pictures below are just a preview.  This package will not be available until February/March of 2013 and as of now the MSRP is unknown but I would venture a guess that it will be in the $15-$20k range.  That price is shocking for us regular folk but probably chump change for the men and women that make up Vorsteiner’s clientele!


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