Political Hype: Donald Trump Says Jeep Moving To China, Ralph Gilles Of SRT Tells Trump He Is Full Of Sh*t

I normally do not discuss politics, especially not here but this story just grabbed me.  For the entire election season both candidates have been firing attacks at one another that is until Hurricane Sandy came and nearly destroyed the east coast.  Since then, to his credit our President has been on the scene doing what he can to help AKA his job.  Meanwhile supporters of Governor Romney have been attempting to make some noise by running with a story that Chrysler is going to move production of Jeep to China, costing American jobs.  Just about every member of the executive board at Chrysler have formally and politely said that is not the case and American Jeep jobs are not being outsourced to China.  Even the Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne has come out and cleared the record

However, despite this Romney’s buddies continue to yell through their bright red bull horns that Chrysler is going to move Jeep jobs to China.  The latest pundit to do so is Donald “My hair is the only thing real about me” Trump who took to twitter to not only continue the “Jeep moving to China” talk but to blame it on President Obama by calling him a “terrible negotiator”.

Again, a Chrysler official responded to this false story.  This time it was one of the automotive industry’s youngest CEOs Ralph Gilles of SRT.  Instead of going through their PR firm to prepare a formal statement, Ralph thought it would be easier to respond to Trump’s tweet with a tweet of his own…

Now, before you jump down my throat about being left or right wing let me just say that no matter what your politics are I think when someone tries to BS America they should be called out on it; especially if that someone is a politician or trying to push a political agenda with said BS.  It is clear that Mr. Gilles believes the same thing and that is what he did.

So, even if you ignore the fact that he is one of the youngest CEO’s in the industry, making CNNMoney’s/FORTUNE’s “40 under 40”, as well as one of the few top auto execs who is the same color as me; the fact that he has no fear of speaking his mind to calling BS where he sees it is enough to make him one my new heroes!  Good on you Ralph!

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