Hype: Fashion Designer NIGO Wraps Ferrari 458 Italia In “A Bathing Ape” Camo

Sometimes the world of high-end performance and luxury cars crosses paths with haute fashion.  The collaboration is natural because, well lets face it, most of the people who can afford a six figure car tend to wear threads from Gucci, Armani, and the like.  Some of these crossovers work nicely and sometimes they really don’t.  One such fashion designer who continues to cross over into the automotive world is Japanese designer NIGO, the creative mind behind lines such as “A Bathing Ape” (AKA Bape) and Billionaire Boys Club (BBC).  NIGO is a bit of a gear head and will use just about any excuse to cross his eccentric visual style with just about any type of car that grabs his fancy at the time.

His latest crossover canvas is a Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 race car.  NIGO whipped up a vinyl wrap printed with his signature “BAPE” camo graphic and applied it to Ferrari’s newest GT race car for a grand opening event of a new Ferrari Maserati showroom in Hong Kong.

This creation was the centerpiece of the event attended by a small group of VIPs and probably a few potential customers.  While I haven’t personally decided if I like what NIGO did here or not yet, I can at least admit that this is much better than what he did to his Bugatti Veyron..

If you happen to like what NIGO did here then feel free to click the thumbnail below for a wallpaper size version of the picture above.

[Source: Hypebeast.com]

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