Movie Hype: Tony Stark AKA Iron Man Gets His Audi R8 Back, This Time In e-Tron Trim (Video)


Anyone that knows me knows how much of an Iron Man fanboy I am so no one was more giddy than I was when the official Iron Man 3 trailer was released.  I seriously watched the trailer like, 10 times!  I figured it could not get any better until A: another trailer is released or B: the movie comes out.  However today a tweet from Audi sent millions into an instant nerdgasim when they confirmed via an Instagram pic from the set of Iron Man 3 that Tony Stark has ditched the Acura NSX convertible concept and has come back to Audi with An R8 e-Tron!

Fitting that it would be an e-Tron is it not?  Maybe it’s powered by a mini-arc reactor similar to the one that powers his suits?  Maybe we will find out when the movie releases in May 2013.  Either way its great to see the “Billionaire Genius Playboy Philanthropist” and Audi back together!

If you have not seen it yet, check out the official Iron Man 3 trailer below:

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