Exterior Hype: Password:JDM Dry Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser For Honda CR-Z

The CR-Z has its share of haters but I think there are more people that like it.  I could be included with the latter half.  While it is not exactly the CR-X reincarnate, it still honors the coupe nicely in my opinion; Especially with its looks.  For a hybrid the CR-Z is pretty damn agro is it not?  Throw in a few strategically placed exterior mods and you have one of the meanest looking eco-friendly cars on the street!  If you happen to own a CR-Z and you are looking to add some more “mean” to its “green” then I think Password:JDM’s CR-Z dry carbon fiber rear diffuser is a good way to go.  It looks good, it is made from high quality carbon fiber, it bolts right on (no cutting needed), and it actually does serve a function.  It is a bit pricey at $599, but quality is usually expensive.



[Source: Password:JDM]

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