X Games 18 Rally X: Officials Change Ramp After Crash. Drivers Speak (Video)

One of the biggest stories of X Games 18 Rally X so far is the horrible crash that happend to Toomas Heikkinen on Friday.  The young driver went too slow on the ramp, thus shorting the 50ft gap jump and running head-on into the other side.  The incident caused a big stir and the rumor around the Rally paddock was that all the drivers who came over from Europe banded together and told X Games rally officials that they would refuse to drive unless jump was changed from a gap to a table top style jump.  Wether the rumor is true or not the jump was in fact changed yesterday.  I decided to haunt the paddock and talk to as many drivers as I could to see what they really thought of the jump modification.  The result was a mix-bag of opinions, all of which you can see below.

It should be noted that after the change to the jump was completed practice went underway late Saturday and during the session Marcus Gronholm suffered a crash into a barrier just after successfully completing the jump.  Marcus hit the barrier so hard that he was knocked unconcious.  However reports are that he is now awake and under observation in a local hospital.

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