F1 Hype: British Grand Prix (Quick Result)

OK, first things first.  I totally forgot about the British GP in my last post race report so allow me to formally say “my bad”.  Now on to business.  Over the weekend Formula 1 returned to the Silverstone Circuit for the British Grand Prix, the home GP of the McLaren team (and both their drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button) as well as the Red Bull Racing team.  However with all the British pride on the grid it was Ferrari putting on a show for the crowd as Fernando Alonso was kicking butt all weekend.  He started by qualifying on pole in the wet, then on race day the skies parted and sunshine hit Silverstone, to which he took full advantage of.  On a dry track it seemed like he would be unstoppable as he was able to brilliantly manage his tires despite the fact that his team was a bit thrown off by the sudden run of good weather.

Fernando pushed and pushed and it looked like he was well on his way to earn his third win of the season but as the race started to wind down, so did his tires.  Mark Webber, who was on fresher tires was able to capitalize on Fernando’s misfortune and grabbed the lead away from the Spaniard and continued to drive on to a victory at Red Bull Racing’s home GP.  Fernando took second (retaining the points lead), and Sebastien Vettel earned third place. 

For a full post-race wrap up, watch the guys from SPEED make sense of it all.

[Photo: Andrew Hone/Getty Images]

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