Hype Video: A Few Moments With Tanner Foust Before X Games 18

Yesterday I made the arduous trek to downtown Los Angeles to pick up my credentials for X Games 18 this weekend.  When I got there I saw two things that caught my interest.  The first being a giant life-sized bright orange Hot Wheels looped track and the second was a very jet-lagged Tanner Foust who was fresh off a short break from his European Rallycross tour.  I knew somewhere between the two was an interview.  Since the Hot Wheels track is an inanimate object and likely would not talk back, I decided to interview Tanner instead.  I talked to him about his progress in Europe, what possessed him to try this crazy Hot Wheels stunt, and what will be on his mind going into the Rallycross race this weekend at X Games.  Watch below!

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