Hype News: “Very Likely” Scion FR-S Will Replace tC As Toyota Pro Celebrity Race Car In 2013

Today the big news about the FR-S is that there will probably be a convertible version on the way.  That is cool and all but I am sure the die-hard fans of the Scion FR-S will be pleased to know that in April next year they will get to see a pack of their new favorite RWD car battling on the streets of Long Beach.  During the post-race conference at this year’s Toyota Pro-Celebrity Race (in which Adam Corolla was the winner) I personally spoke with the national director of Toyota motorsports Les Unger about the chances of the Scion FR-S replacing the aging tC for the celebrity race.  With out “officially” confirming it Mr. Unger said that since the FR-S is a more performance driven car than the tC and it will have been on sale for several months by the time next year’s Grand Prix comes around it is “very likely” that the FR-S will in fact replace the tC as next year’s Pro Celebrity race car.

The real question here is how well will inexperienced celebrites cope with the more demanding handling characteristics of a proper rear-wheel drive race car?  I guess we will find out next year!

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