Hype Event: Motion Auto Show 2012 (Gallery)

I was starting to get some serious car show withdrawal so you can imagine my excitement when it came time for Motion Auto Show to come back to our home town of Long Beach and fill our convention center with rows and rows of top notch rides.  One of the reasons I really like the Motion Auto Show is because the producers of the show Pro-Motion and the shows architect Mike Morita go out of their way to create an experience that is a lot like the car shows we were used to from the early days of the scene and so far they have always gotten it right!  I also commend Pro-Motion and Morita-san for pre-screening all the cars that register for the show.  Back in the day I hated spending my cash on a car show ticket only to find the show full of cars that were damn near stock! 

Between the cars, the dance contest, models, and vendors the attendees of this years Motion Auto Show in Long Beach definitely got their money’s worth.  If you didn’t get a chance to make it out to the show this year I highly reccomend going next year.  In the meantime check out some pictures below and see our full gallery on our Facebook page.


Click HERE For Gallery

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