German Hype: Vorsteiner Debuts Aero Package For BMW 1M Coupe

To buy the BMW 1M coupe you have to really, really love the 1-series.  If you are that in love with your 1M coupe, then you are probably wary of making any changes to it and you could hardly be blamed for that.  The 1M coupe is a good looking car.  It may be a bit too stout or “bulldog-ish” for some but for those who “get it”, the 1M’s design is great.  Vorsteiner kept those facts in mind when they set out to create a full aero package for the tiny, mighty M.  So, it should come as no surprise that Vorsteiner’s 1M coupe package is quite subtle.  Their goal in this package was more to reduce weight, add some downforce, and coax some airflow to where it is needed.  For instance the front splitter features integrated ducts to channel air to the front brakes and the rear diffuser features extended fins for better flow of air under the car.  The package also includes a carbon fiber trunk lid with an integrated rear spoiler for double duty in reducing weight and adding downforce.  Naturally all the pieces of the aero kit are made from Vorsteiner’s pre-preg carbon fiber.  When the kit is launched there will also be an option for a titanium exhaust, a set of concave wheels, and as usual a Vorsteiner floor mat set.




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